Knee Pain

Knee pain is a common condition experienced by people of all ages and levels of activity.  Pronation (or ‘flat feet) is a common causative factor: when our feet roll inwards and the arches flatten, this has a chain reaction through the ankle, legs and the knee joint particularly.  That is, as the feet pronate, the shin bones (tibia) rotate inwards, causing the knee joint to become misaligned.  This sequence is repeated with every step, and over time, the incorrectly aligned knee joint wears away the cartilage (which acts as a cushion between the 2 bones).  Once the cartilage has been worn away, the bones start to grind against each other, leading to osteo-arthritis developing.  In addition, small bone fragments can dislodge and float around the joint, causing significant pain to be experienced.


Knee pain may be experience as a dull ache or as a sharp grabbing pain.  Other symptoms include the joint making cracking, crunching or grinding sounds when the knee bends.  These sounds indicate wear and tear in the knee joint, which, if left untreated can cause long term damage.

How Pedistep Orthotics Help

Pedistep Orthotics assist in treating knee pain by correcting pronation and supporting the arches of the feet, in turn preventing the shin bone from rotating inwards, and allowing the knee joint to remain in correct alignment, preventing degeneration of the joint, and ultimately reducing pain.

Pedistep Orthotics can also assist post-operatively to aid in recovery and to prevent future damage to the joint.