Shin Splints

Shin splints are often associated with active and sporting people. It is an over-use strain injury that can be directly attributed to excessive pronation as the underlying causative factor.  Shin splints occur when the foot excessively pronates (rolls inwards, and the arch flattens), the muscle in the shin which runs down the leg, around the ankle and under the arch of the foot, over-stretches.  This excessive stretching occurs with every step as we walk or run, and can cause inflammation of the muscle, and pain.


Shin splints most commonly occur when a person increases their level of activity or intensity of exercise.  Associated pain can be experienced on the inside, middle or outside of the shin, and may vary from slight discomfort or a feeling of “tightness” in the muscles, to extreme pain that can make walking and/or exercise extremely difficult.

How Pedistep Orthotics Help

Pedistep Orthotics assist in alleviating shin splints by correcting pronation of the feet, and supporting the arches, which in turns realigns the bones and muscles, and the shin muscle no longer over-stretches.